February 11, 2012
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Do you know what is the most expensive delicacy that can be found in the deep sea?  Beluga caviar!  These are roes from a Beluga Sturgeon, a prehistoric fish that can be found in the Caspian Sea.  There are only two countries that supply these expensive roes; Russia and Iran.  But the beluga caviar from Iran are the most sought after because they came from the Caspian sea, which is free of pollution.

I was watching TLC the other day and they featured the most expensive foods in the world; one of them was the pizza from Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in NY City.  The 12-inch pizza costs $1000 because it is topped with creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, and salmon roe. Even if I get very rich, I don’t think I can spend a thousand dollars for 8 slices of pizza.

But anyway, did you know you can enjoy still enjoy caviar at a very affordable price?  It’s not beluga though but the roes still came from a sturgeon.  It’s Kaluga caviar from Kaluga Sturgeon or River Beluga.  According to those who have tried it, it is mildly glossy and the flavor is very similar to Beluga roe.  And because the price is a lot cheaper than the original beluga, you can afford to top your scrambled eggs with caviar, or hide some inside an omelet; toss a bowl of angel hair pasta with crème fraiche and caviar; top open-faced sandwiches such as cucumber or tomato with caviar; or add it to a simple vinaigrette dressing and toss with greens.

Indeed there are so many ways to enjoy these pungent roes and eat like a king even if it is only Kaluga.

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