October 18, 2009
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My husband and our son have taken a liking to collecting Model Trains. They have started with the cheaper sets back then, the plastic ones that are sold in sets at the mall. But when Joey turned 13, they are now starting to collect the more expensive sets and is building a diorama. They have started designing the layout but have not yet started with the construction due to the limited accessories that are available here. The accessories sold at hobby shops  in Manila are limited. They will have to start from scratch and make their own accessories  or order from the internet.

They found a website selling a software they can use to make model trains buildings and other accessories. They can do whatever thay have in mind and print them afterwards.  The idea of using paper for buildings instead of plastics and resins, is much cheaper aside from the fact that the material can be easily used.  Details and patterns can be simply printed on. The software also features walls, windows and roofs detailing, you can discover window shutters here which can be an amazing addition.

Both boys are very excited and can’t wait to start with the designs and we could hire a roofing company to actually build it.  It’s great that both of them share the same interest and I am happy too knowing that they won’t have to spend much for the diorama, lol.

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