August 18, 2012
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Like most young men, Peter and his friends liked to take their cars out for a spin on Saturday nights in the city’s outskirts when everyone else ride their cars and an occasional scooter all over the place. They would leave the city before the break of dawn and would test the limits of their vehicles on the long stretches of highways leading out of the bustling metropolis towards the more serene landscapes of the rural areas.

When Francis got a new Mahindra XUV500 for a graduation gift (and after I convinced him to get affordable 6 month car insurance for safety’s sake), naturally, the boys wanted to see how fast it would go. So way before the sun started to peep through the dark night sky, the boys were already off on the highways, riding Francis’ new SUV. They always rolled down the windows as they all loved the feel of the cool wind kissing their cheeks as their automobile flew through the seemingly endless stretch of highway towards the rural areas around the city.   True enough, they proved that the Mahindra specs they saw on the manual speaks for itself.

They took turns behind the wheel, enjoying the thrill provided by the speed of the new vehicle. They were all impressed by the smoothness of the drive, the vehicle not even showing a hint of a quiver as they pressed down hard on the gas. They careened through the narrow bends effortlessly as the maneuverability of the vehicle proved to be top of the class. They all ended the joy ride impressed with the speed and steering capacity of Francis’ new Mahindra XUV500.

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