May 7, 2009
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In my 21 years of marriage, I have always been a stay at home mommy.  I have been personally attending to my family and in my free time studied cooking and baking in some of the leading baking schools here. Baking cakes, brownies and cookies is my way of relieving stress and giving joy to my family, plus I earn a little extra from it  during holidays.

But you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any of my baked goodies here, and that’s because I haven’t been baking for a while.  My grocery store took a lot of my time and baking had to take a backseat.  Though I miss it so much, the kids aren’t missing my chocolate chip cookies because  I happened to find a website where I can order freshly baked goodies.

They have cakes for all occassions and a special cheesecake that my kids love so much.  On school days, I’d stock up on their frozen cookie doughs so they have fresh snacks when they get home.  David’s Cookies has been a favorite since and truly, their cookies are a bite above the rest.

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