August 11, 2015
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Many of the most popular liquor brands, such as Bacardi Cuba Limited, had very humble beginnings. The bat on the company’s current logo pays homage to the bats that roosted on the rafters inside the building. Stories such as these help prove that the most humble alcohol brands can become world-famous.

Rum as a World Beverage

Rum is one of the best-known beverages around the world and has a close association with the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Cuba was once a leading exporter, largely due to the availability of cane sugar grown on the island that generates yeast. To this day, many people associate rum with tropical-style drinks, and it is no surprise that it is a favorite ingredient in many.

Different Prices and Varieties

A large part of the appeal for rum is the fact that it comes in several varieties. There are many economical spirits options that are perfect for serving drinks at home or in restaurants. Premium, or top shelf, rum varieties are ideal for cooking, such as in a glaze for a rum cake. The premium spirits also make great gifts.

How Rum and Other Liquors Become Popular

The advent of the Internet helped local distilleries to get the word out about the product they produce. Many restaurants use liquors from distilleries in their state, which helps increase interest in these brands that would otherwise be unknown. Award winners also generate a lot of interest, especially when featured in major publications.

How Distilleries Survive Challenges

Natural disasters, as well as other catastrophes, can be turned around for good. Many of the most well-loved alcohol brands are based or were started in countries that have undergone upheavals. One of the things that has helped many of these companies survive is knowing that their brand’s availability is important to many people.

Growth of Other Products

A popular liquor brand can help lead to a demand for other products among its fans. Fans of popular spirits brands have sported T-shirts and other apparel bearing logos and sayings for years. Collectible glasses and flasks are also popular, especially during gift-giving times. Barbecue sauces infused with liquor flavors and meat smoking chips as well as other food products are popular even among cooks who seldom drink because of the unique flavor that they add. Dessert items with liquor flavoring or glazes are also high on many gift-giving lists.

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