December 22, 2009

Even if you are perfectly comfortable serving and enjoying wine at your home, sometimes, it is intimidating to choose the perfect wine especially if you have guests coming over for dinner.  Having to choose from a list of of a hundred (probably a thousand) unfamiliar labels and decide on one can feel a little like having to pick the winner of a beauty pageant with a blindfold on.

But relax.  Selecting the right wine is more like picking a good tomato from your garden.  There is always a multitude of great choices.  A good way to put an end to your anxiety is to consider the menu.  You’ll never go wrong with having both a white and a red wine to satisfy the widest range of foods. For white wine, I would suggest you get Allela Wine, nice and dry with a slight fruity taste that lasts in the neck.  For red, you may opt for Coto De Hayas 2007.  It is young, soft and yet perfect to the palate, this wine is the result of a great match of Tempranillo and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon.

There’s a whole lot more of choices from their website.  Even if you think you already know in advance what you would like to drink, knowing more about your wine will result to more satisfying pairings.


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