May 23, 2009
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My friend Janneth, recently bought a franchise of Mang Inasal, a small restaurant that caters to chicken barbeque lovers.   It’s a lot different to the usual chicken barbeque we know where  soy sauce is used as a marinade.  Mang Inasal serves Chicken Inasal, barbequed chicken marinated in a concoction of local spices and herbs.  The restaurant’s ambience encourages kamayan, the Filipino term in eating with the hands.


For her promotions, Janneth is thinking of making a video production for her web commercials.  Visuals (videos in particular) are one of the most effective forms of communications and we all know that it has the power to capture your targeted market. And according to reports, response and retention rates are higher for customers and clients who watch videos and presentations. More and more businesses are utilizing video productions for their product promotions and this strategy will definitely help boost her sales.

I had to help her look for a company doing video production services that can shoot from any location and in any format, so I searched the web and found Richter studios.  Their world-class editors and animators can help her create a visually stunning video, for less.  She immediately contacted Richter and they are now polishing some details and will be ready to shoot in a few days.  I can’t wait to see the video.

If you need to add spice to your visual presentation like my friend, or you want to impress an important client, try a video presentation.  Richter also offers Corporate Video, trade shows, marketing, sales, tv or promotional videos.

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