January 14, 2010
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Power is the most important component of any business. Without it, operations is hampered. But the more energy we use, the more we contribute to climate change. This leads to more complicated but solvable problems. What we really need is to energy efficiency and more power savings through the use of non-conventional energy. There are now more energy efficient products that lead to savings for our businesses.

With advances in technology, energy efficient and eco-friendly appliances, machines and equipment are now readily available. This leads to lower emissions and pollution. But you don’t have to invest in new equipment just to lower your operating cost and power consumption. There  are devices that can do this without draining your company’s sink fund.  One such device is the enigin PLC.

It has controllers for many types of equipment  we use in our businesses. They have controllers for your lighting and air conditioning systems. These two are the most used appliances in all businesses. Just imagine cutting your lighting cost to fifty percent and your cooling to thirty percent. That’s a huge savings right there. Surely, you’ll be able to recover your investments in such systems sooner than you think.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more profitable business while slashing your operating cost? Help reduce global warming and be a more environmentally responsible business. The earth is the only home we’ve got.

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