July 13, 2012
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Product-based businesses regular checks the market’s pulse. This would gauge their product’s performance against their competitors and to inform them of what improvements they need to undertake. Doing a survey is imperative. The data collected could be the basis of what else the market needs. Usually, companies would send out personnel or survey agents and go from house to house or do these surveys in public places. How do I know these things? My husband has a PR firm and they help companies promote their products.

Surveys used to be very hard work. Agents usually get turned away or even chsed away. The mall or supermarket is a better way to conduct surveys. Shoppers are more willing to answer a few questions on the items they buy and what makes them loyal users to these products. Soaps, shampoos and other body care products are the common items in these surveys. I have aswered several surveys on these while shopping. The internet has made the market even bigger as everything is sold online. Companies now do surveys online. This makes survey software an integral part of product-based online businesses. Other would use this for market study and analysis. The participation is better than the old style of doing surveys. Filling out a survey form is easier too.

Surveys also ensures customer brand loyalty. In the case of electronics, online product registration allows for product feedback and comments. These companies use the customer survey software for this kind of survey. Familiarity with a certain brand or previous experience keeps customers buying other products from the same brand. Of course quality is a big factor that produce loyal customers. Surveys can give an idea of what other products a company can develop for the market. Survey software is a business’s ally in its search for excellence. Customer inputs and product feedback makes for a healthy competition. The next time you are asked to be survey, participate. It leads to a life where quality is every company’s priority.

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