September 22, 2009
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Yesterday, my daughter and I went to SM Department Store to buy a pair of leggings.  After trying on several pairs, she got the black one.  And then before heading home, she asked if we could stop by the grocery to look for wonka laffy taffy candy.  So off we went to the grocery to look for her favorite candy.  We found none.  When we asked, the lady at the candy stand said laffy taffy candies sell out really fast and they’re always out of stock.  🙁  I told her to just pick up some other candies just to satisfy her cravings for sweets and we’ll go look for it in another store.  But no luck, we didn’t find any.

laffy taffy

When we got home, I searched the internet for stores where we could easily get those candies.  I found Sugarstand, it’s the largest dealer of wonka candies  online and as soon as I showed the site to my daughter, her eyes grew really big.  She couldn’t contain her eyes with all the many varieties, she had a hard time picking several candies.  I asked her why she likes laffy taffy so much, she said she loves all the delicious flavors; banana, cherry, sour apple and strawberry, and she loves the jokes that come with the laffy taffies.

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  1. Hampers says:

    Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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