August 24, 2015
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There is something about candies that lift my spirits and make me happy. I know what you’re thinking. I am like a child. Yes, yes. I am a child at heart and candies always make me feel good, you will always see me looking for Promotional Candy wherever I go. My favorite is hand made rock candies. There is one store in Rockwell that I used to frequent, but when I got too busy with my work, I rarely ever go there anymore.

Then one time, I was doing a research on the internet, I stumbled upon this fun website that sells handmade rock candies. Designer candies. My eyes feasted on their yummy candies, so of course, I ordered. Their candies were definitely not made by amateurs. Just by looking at them, you’ll know right away that they are made by professionals and made with love. And what about the taste? Sweet and delicious!

The twins’ birthday is coming up and I’m thinking of including rock candies and Gourmet swirl lollipops in their loot bags. I think those Happy Birthday candies are really cute and the lollipops will make a pretty centerpiece.

rock candies 1

rock candies 2

Candies would make a great gift idea, so if you are attending a special occasion or you simply want to make someone happy, just send her a bag of handmade candies and you will surely make her day.

The website also offers personalized handmade sweets that you can use for your wedding, as promotional items for your company, or give to a loved one. All their items are handmade to order. You choose the design, color and flavor and their confectioners will handcraft your own batch of yummy candy.

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