April 28, 2015
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Anyone who works in the culinary field probably harbors the secret dream to be a celebrity chef like Tim Love. However, for most chefs, that dream seems like a completely impossible goal. While it certainly is a lofty aspiration, there is no such thing as a dream that can’t be achieved, provided that the dreamer is focused on their goal and not held back by limitations. Here are three tips for aspiring celebrity chefs.

Obtain a Comprehensive Education

Few chefs who are world-famous have only studied at one institute or only specialize in one cuisine. Rather, they have studied a very wide array of cuisine and cooking styles. The only surefire way to guarantee that you’re a contender in the world of celebrity chefs is by having an extremely comprehensive culinary education in a wide array of cuisines and specialties. The key here is to step outside of your comfort zone and to learn a lot.

Work Extremely Hard

The best chefs are the ones whose reputations proceed them. In order to become a world-class chef, you need to have a world-class reputation. Even if you’re starting at the very bottom as a line cook, demonstrate an excellent work ethic and a desire to move up in your restaurant, even if your employment aspirations lie elsewhere. There is no substitute for a resume full of managers who have excellent things to say about you.

Relocate To a Major Market

While this may be disheartening news to many, it’s extremely hard to reach celebrity if you’re living in a small town. Most celebrity chefs come out of New York, Los Angeles or London. Even if you do not yet have the finances to relocate to a big city, keep working hard at your restaurant while you save up your relocation fund and build experience. Moving to a big city is costly, but it’s worth it.

The goal to become a celebrity chef might seem like a big one, but it is attainable if you work hard and never give up. If you build a great resume, study a wide array of cuisines and move to a big and competitive city, you just might have a shot at making your big dream a reality.

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