May 6, 2011
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Come July, our daughter will be giving birth to twin girls. He visits to her OB-Gyne is now twice a month. Like what good mothers do, I always accompany her to her checkups. Her doctor’s office is near the nursery and I always take a peek to look at the babies there. Of the many times I’ve been there, I never noticed the different uniforms the nurses wear. Maternity scrubs with colorful and different prints are what they wear. No longer do they use the old white uniforms the nurses of old used to wear. No wonder the babies smile and giggle whenever they see them. I even saw some with floral and polka dot prints. To be honest, I find them cute and appealing too. I’m sure the nurses love them too.

My daughter’s twins are doing well. They’re both healthy. She’s expected to take the full term and hopefully have a natural delivery. Soon her checkups will be weekly. As long as she takes care of her health, she’ll be fine. Every member of our family awaits the coming of our new angels.

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