May 6, 2011
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My niece who is a certified nurse has been asked to report for work. This is her first ever job and is so excited to start working. What excites her most is the uniform she’ll be wearing. No, it’s not your usual white dull uniform but Cherokee workwear. She had seen these when she was interviewed for the job. Her friend was also accepted and they’ll be assigned to the same department.

Since she read the story of Florence Nightingale, she had dreamed of being a nurse someday. Her years of studying had finally paid off. She has realized her dream. She believed that she can do more by becoming a nurse. Her aunt is also a nurse, a very good nurse. She had been a very good role model for my niece. Perhaps this is one of the factors why my niece had remained focused on her childhood dream. During her training, she was assigned  to do social work. This made her more determined. We’re all very proud of her. I know she’ll do just fine.

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