January 11, 2011
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When my daughter was younger, she hated getting sick, and she hated going to the hospital.  She wasn’t afraid of the doctor, her pedia is our neighbor and she even calls her Lola Doctora (grandmother doctor).  It was the needles, the bad-tasting meds and  the hospital staff, she was afraid of.   The mere sight of nurses wearing white uniforms always made her cling to me tightly.  It was the other way around with our family dentist.  It’s probably because her clinic didn’t look much like a traditional clinic and she’s never worn white robes.

Hospitals now are so different than those days, of course, my daughter, already a grown-up, is not afraid of nurses and the needles anymore.  It’s nice that they now prefer wearing nurses scrubs instead of the boring white uniforms.  You can still feel that you’re  in a hospital and the familiar scent, if you know what I mean, will continue to remind you that you are, but in a more friendly manner.  The pleasant colors of their medical scrubs and lab coats make you feel more comfortable with the doctors and nurses.  The days of white and boring medical uniforms are gone.  Scrubs now come in a variety of colors, and designs, some even come with cute prints.  Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are more fashionable than back then.

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