August 6, 2013
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Yesterday, a blogger friend told me that one of my sites could possibly infected with the trojan virus because he got a threat warning when he tried to open it. I had a virus check and found out the theme I have been using for years was indeed infected with malware. I changed the theme and the site was ok again. This morning, I got another message from another friend saying that another one of my sites is probably infected by a trojan virus again. I changed my theme and the site is safe again for others to visit. It’s also a good thing that I have a very reliable antivirus software, the Avira Antivirus. If not for that, the malware would have penetrated the website and infected all my posts. Another type of security that I want are some surveillance cameras in my house to ensure the safety of my family. How about you, do you also have a good antivirus like the one I use?

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