May 13, 2011
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I love sending postcards to friends on special occasions. Christmas and Valentine’s are my favorites. Rather than getting something off the rack, I send personalized ones. I usually use pictures that I personally took. This way, my friends know that they are special to me. I send out a lot of postcards during these special dates. Rather than print them myself, I go to a shop that specializes in postcard printing. I simply give them the photo, what I’d like to say and the printers will do the rest. It only takes a few hours to print my cards. It’s so convenient and fast. I can send out my cards the very next day. It has caught on that some of my friends are now personalizing their cards.

I discovered this when  my daughter brought home invitation cards for their school dance. They needed to send them out as soon as possible. No printers wanted to accept the job. They asked this printer if they would accent a rush job, they did. They already have pre-cut cards and their computers can do the layout right there and then. Their prices were very competitive. Now, I can send out postcards without worrying about cost and time.

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