July 11, 2011
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I found a flyer stuck on my car’s windshield. It’s an ad for a newly opened printing shop downtown. I folded it and placed it in my glove compartment. Not long after did I need some banners made for a client who’s opening a new store. I remembered the flyer. I phoned called to ask them for an appointment. They told me that an agent would instead drop by my office to discuss what exactly I needed. The agent came the following day. He brought with him samples of the printing their shop can do. I was surprised when he showed me the samples.

He first showed me the different Vinyl Banners they have done and can do. I was impressed by how professionally the layout was done. They have a very good artist that handles the the design. The agent told me that there are no extra charges for the design. The next samples he showed me are Yard Signs. Awesome,I told myself. These guys really are very versatile. They also print Custom Gift Cards. The can do all sorts of printing jobs. They also have very reasonable prizes. You can more discounts for bulk orders.

I am very impressed and I immediately placed my orders. I became even more imprssed when he told me that my banners would be ready in less than a week. I don’t have to pay right away. It’s cash on delivery. I don’t even have to make a down payment. With that kind of a deal, I’ll definitely be a regular customer.

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