July 8, 2011
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I had a slight accident recently which restricted me to the confines of my home. With so so many projects I was handling, I had to find ways to continue my work. Web conferencing was my lifesaver. It kept in touch with my project managers which allowed our projects to continue without a hitch. I received regular progress updates through Web conference. We were able to address every concern of every project we were handling. That was just the operation side of things.

Meeting my clients was done through the same way. My clients and I met through Web conference. I was able to discuss the different issues with our projects with them. I was also able to give them regular progress reports. In spite of my condition, we were able to finish our projects on schedule. We even finished some of our projects ahead of time. My clients are very satisfied with the work we have done. For a job well done, we received bonuses from some of our clients. We had a holiday when I was well enough to go out.

Thanks to the advances in the internet and communications, people can now keep in touch regularly. This greatly reduces expenses not only for businesses but for ordinary folks.

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