February 10, 2011
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I’ve always been intrigued by how people find my articles on the web. I’ve also wondered why page rank is so important to websites. After attending a symposium on blogging, I finally discovered why. SEOs play a huge role in all these. They supply the results for surfers on the net searching for topics and subjects on what they are interested in. A speaker differentiated what an organic SEO from a search engine optimization company. Although both would be a big help to increase website traffic on your site, they do this through different means. An SEO company will charge you a fee for advertisement. They will promote your site to a targeted audience. This way, results will be optimized. An organic search engine optimization on the other hand will list results for topics on more general terms. Your website could end up in the last page of the search results.

Professional websites use both kinds of SEOs. This will optimize the results thereby increasing awareness. Most private writers who simply write journals on their everyday experiences simply rely on Yahoo or Google. Both have their own niches. They do not compete but complements each other. It is all up to the site owner to choose which service will be beneficial to them.

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