October 17, 2010
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As a loyal subscriber of  a top cable tv service here in my place, I was offered a 15-day free internet service trial.  I’m already subscribed to another company and so far I didn’t have any major problems with them.  I just wanted to know if mine was really the best.  😉   I’m currently getting 1.5 mbps, sometimes even 2, so when I was offered to try the 3 mbps, I got excited.  Doubled speed, wow!

Thought I’d be impressed since I will be getting 3 mbps, I was expecting it to be much faster than my current service.  Well, I was disappointed because it’s just the same as my internet service and there were times (especially during the afternoon and early evening) that it was too slow.  🙁  And the price?  It’s way much higher than my internet cable provider.  Sure, my current internet provider may not be as great as hughesnet (Of course nothing can beat satellite internet!) but it’s way much better than the one offered to me to try for free.  My current provider still is the best around here.

Don’t be fooled by false advertising.  Being a top company doesn’t always mean it is the best.  I’m lucky because I got to try it first, but what about those who were not offered the free trial?  I feel sad for them that they’ll never know the difference.

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