February 2, 2009

How to de-vein shrimps

Avoid using a knife when cutting the shell of the shrimp, the shell is tough and slippery and accidents do happen.  The tricks in cleaning shrimps is by inserting the tip of your kitchen shears or scissors at the open end of the outer curve.  Cut the shell all the way to the tail end.  Peel away the shell, and use a toothpick to remove the dark vein along the back.  It’s alright to leave the lighter vein on the inner curve of the shrimp, that’s the digestive tract.  But you need to get rid of the dark one because that’s the waste tract.


Image source: Kitchen Contraptions

3 responses to “Cooking Tip #1”

  1. Manang says:

    now that is some work I would not have to deal with! I buy my shrimps already decapitated and de-veined. (the downside is that I do not get to make a broth out of them).

  2. gagay says:

    i’m not eating shrimps..so i never prepared dishes with shrimps also..but you got here very good post..i’ll have this for my mum and sis..thank you anyway!


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  3. I really admire your skill but I have to say: they don’t look very appetizing do they?!
    They look like nasty aliens to me.

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