November 21, 2009

crumble blue cheese

The neat trick for crumbling blue cheese?  Freeze your blue cheese wedge for 20 minutes beforehand.  The cold temperature hardens the cheese, making it just firm enough to break into pieces without leaving its mark on your hands.

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3 responses to “Cooking Tip #22”

  1. Dora says:

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. 😀
    .-= Dora´s last blog ..It Meows #64 =-.

  2. raft3r says:

    nice tip
    saka masarap syang papakin

  3. philly5113 says:

    This is a very good tip for me. I always get the business from the cheese when I’m done. I know what to do now. Thanks.
    .-= philly5113´s last blog ..Microbiotics for good health, Live! =-.

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