July 2, 2010
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You always make sure to blot your vegetables dry before adding them to the skillet, but the greases pops up and burns your arm as they touch the pan.  To avoid hurting yourself, invert a metal colander over the cookware.  The cover contains the fireworks, while the holes allow steam to escape so the veggies cook up crisp.  Be sure to use a potholder when removing the colander because it will be hot.  Happy cooking!  🙂

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2 responses to “Cooking Tip #33”

  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the cooking tips! I can really use the two about the chili and the stew. I do not know why but my chili is always too hot and the stew lacking in flavor.

  2. regszikora says:

    great looking sea food dishes. These are my favourite types to eat. Especially the sole

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