May 24, 2009

You can save a lot of food and money if you know how to keep your groceries fresh longer.  Read on and follow these simple do’s and don’t’s on how to keep your food.

DON’T:  Mix fruit and vegetables.  They should be stored separately.  Fruits give off ethylene, a gas that will make veggies spoil.

DO:  Put bananas in the fridge when they’ve ripened.  They’ll last longer and taste just as good.

DON’T:  Store potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, or winter squash in your fridge.  Keep them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

DO:  Freeze bread.  It’ll stay fresh for about three months.  Nix the fridge.  It dries out baked goods.

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One response to “Keep Foods Fresh Longer”

  1. Naoko says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that about bananas. I just put the banana in the frigs.. Thanks for the tips there..

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