December 16, 2010
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My mother-in-law never learned how to cook… well not until now that she was the one left in-charge of their kitchen.  She was used to working in an office ( she was a former banker, by the way), and back then, she had Nanay Ats ( her unmarried sister) to take care of their home and the cooking.

Oh, she had an eye for beautiful things and never ran out of kitchen gift ideas.  She always made sure Nanay Ats had the latest gadgets and equipment, which made our dear aunt very happy.  There was never a problem when Nanay was running MIL’s kitchen.  All of them would go home with delicious home-cooked meals waiting for them on the table.  And on weekends, she’d whipped up a delicious dessert for all of us.

MIL’s dilemma started when Nanay passed away, the entire house (SIL’s family [she has 3 picky kids] and my brother-in-law are living with them) and the kitchen was left to her care.  She had to wake up early in the morning to prep breakfast and do the laundry.  Lunch is not much of a problem since she and FIL are the only ones left at home.  Dinner is too much work because every one will be home for supper.

Hubs say, MIL is pretty much adjusted.  She can now run the house without panicking and yes, now she can cook.  🙂  She even sends me gourmet meals on weekends that I was not able to come.  You’re doing a great job, mom.

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