November 28, 2014
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We all know that a daily diet of fried foods would not be a great idea but a bit of deep-fat decadence can’t be passed up, especially when you can create a delicious meal at home for a real treat.

There are plenty of people who like to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables on the menu and many of those same people would not be without something like a Cuisinart Mini Deep Fryer in the kitchen, which is ready and waiting to be called into action.

Fearless frying

A perfectly fried crispy golden chicken piece is hard to resist for many, but some cooks are a bit afraid of deep frying and think that it might be a bit dangerous having bubbling oil on your stove, not to mention soggy chicken if you don’t get the temperature just right.

That is where a deep fat fryer is such an asset in the kitchen, because it removes the fear of frying by allowing you to control the temperature and the cooking results more easily and safely than if you were using a bubbling cauldron of fat on your stove.

Avoiding soggy and greasy food

There is nothing attractive about soggy and greasy food and while it is true that frying will add an element of fat to your food, it is unlikely to add as much as you think it will.

A test carried out by cook’s illustrated showed that it was perfectly possible to fry a piece of chicken using 3 cups of oil after it had been cooked, they still had almost 3 cups of oil remaining, which demonstrates that you can cook with oil without it being absorbed into your food in great quantities.

A deep fat fryer will help to take some of the guesswork out of your cooking with oil and allow you to get consistent results without worrying whether the food will end up being too greasy.

Dry heat cooking 

It may seem more than a little strange to think that deep fat frying is actually classed as a dry heat cooking method, but this is due to the fact that no water is used. However you describe it, things like zucchini fritters and buffalo chicken wings are pretty amazing when they come out of the fryer. One of the keys to successful frying is to make sure you use the right cooking oil for the task. You will find that oils with high smoke points are normally best to use, as the oil will not break down at deep frying temperatures. You can normally take your pick between sunflower oil, canola oil, or peanut oil, which are all good choices and one should be right for your taste preferences.

Preparing the food

Another important aspect of perfect deep fat frying is to ensure that the food you are cooking is as dry as possible before you fry it.

Coating the food in breadcrumbs or flour will help to avoid excessive moisture but if you are not using a coating, let the food sit on a paper towel for about 15 minutes so that the food is ready and not going to be ruined by too much moisture.

Don’t dismiss deep fat frying as a cooking choice, as you will be missing out on a taste experience that is always good to have every now and again.

Karen Mullins is a culinary explorer and avid blogger. When she finds something new and exciting, she likes to sit down and share it with the world. You can find her enlightening posts mainly on cooking, kitchen and home living websites.

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