November 27, 2010
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When you are cooking, one thing that is essential is keeping an eye on the time. Whether you use your TW steel watch or the timer on the oven, it is important to know how long your food needs to cook and how long it has been in. If you don’t know how long it should cook for, you will probably either end up burning it or not cooking it enough.

Timing food can be a frustrating process for some people. Keeping an eye on the time can be difficult if you have other things to do while your food is in the oven. Because of this, many people have gone to timers that will ring or buzz when the predetermined time is up. This makes it so you can go about your day and not have to worry about counting the minutes. If you do want to check how long is left, all you need to do is walk over to the timer and check it. Whether you use a digital or analog timer, you will easily be able to see how much time is left before you need to remove the food.

Another irritant when cooking is that the timing is not always correct. For example, your chicken recipe may say that you need to cook it at 350 degrees for thirty minutes. After those thirty minutes are up, though, you will need to check the chicken. Depending on your oven, it is very possible that the food may not be cooked correctly all the way through at this time. After that, it is a guessing game as to how long you should continue to cook it from there. Most people will do a few more minutes here and there until they think that it is ready. Continuing to check the food is essential to making a good meal.

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