February 27, 2014
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You can shop now and buy some awesome coffee grounds, but did you know that a lot of the quality of the coffee actually falls on you? If you are going to make some coffee for guests who are coming to your home, there are a few things that you need to know so that you can make a great pot for them to enjoy.

1. Do not overdo the grounds.
You may think that you should use as much of the grounds as possible. After all, the coffee that you bought is of a high quality, so wouldn’t more be better? However, the reality is that too much can make the coffee too dark and too bitter, and it can also cause some of the grounds to get into the water, which is never good.

2. Clean your coffeemaker.
Many people buy a coffeemaker at the store and then they never clean it for the rest of their lives. This can taint the flavor of every batch of coffee that you make. You want to scrub out the glass pot and then remove any of the parts that you can from the coffeemaker itself and scrub them as well.

3. Use unbleached filters.
Finally, it is a good idea to use unbleached filters when you brew the coffee. They work just as well as the normal filters, but they are brown instead of white. This means that trace amounts of bleach are not going to get into your coffee.

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