June 16, 2011
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Do you love to cook?  I love when someone introduces me to a new recipe.  Think about your own kitchen, what do you love about it?  Is it your appliances, countertop, or backsplash?  What about your cookware?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my pots and pans, but after a while, they need to be replaced.    Really though, as much time as we spend preparing meals, shouldn’t we have some new kitchen supplies.  So if you want to upgrade your kitchen, first stop at MyCoupons.com.  They have coupon codes for hundreds of online merchants.  You can pick up some cool accessories with Crate & Barrel Coupons or some great cookware with Overstock Coupons.  Even department stores like JCPenney, have great appliances and you can save on them by using JCPenney Coupon Codes.  Plus many of those sites offer Free Shipping, and if not, I bet MyCoupons has free shipping coupons.  Also, while you are on the site, check out the discounted gift cards section.  They have retailer’s gift cards below face value.  You can’t beat that deal.  Look for your favorite retailer and if they are not there, just sign up for an email alert for when one becomes available.  See what you can find and let us know what you buy!

Monqiue Rowe is a guest writer for My Coupons.com and loves doing product and food reviews on her site The One Income Dollar.

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