April 15, 2014
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From green tea to crème brûlée, macaron flavors have only gotten bolder as their popularity grows. But how can you be sure which experimental flavors are worth the trouble? Here are five tastes so good you’ll order double for your next occasion.

1: Cheesecake

Cheesecake macarons offer all the creamy fulfillment of your favorite dessert without the same number of calories. Not only are they healthier, but some might say they’re tastier, too.

2: White Chocolate

Enjoy a moment of bliss with a white chocolate macaron. It’s just as rich and divine as a candy bar or white chocolate mousse, but once you taste it in a macaron, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with something different.

3: Coffee

Is there anything as wonderful as that first sip of the morning’s coffee? Well, these macarons might give your espresso a run for its money. From the decadent center to its mouthwatering crust, a coffee macaron can easily become a morning ritual.

4: Lemon

A little sweet, a little sour, lemon macarons taste like they’re right off the tree. They’ll also provide hours of entertainment as you watch your guests try to keep a straight face after the first bite!

5: Pistachio

Low-calorie and gluten-free, pistachio macarons offer a more nutritious alternative to eating an entire bag of your favorite nuts. The taste, however, is exactly the same.

These are just five flavors of macarons to try at your upcoming party. If you can’t bear to choose between them, order a box of assorted macarons and have them all!

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