April 9, 2015
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Many people today choose to follow vegan and/or gluten-free diets for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re doing it for ethics, weight loss, overall health, or food allergies, there’s one common misconception about vegan and gluten free diets, and that is that they lack variety and delicious flavour. A lot of people also don’t think that vegan or gluten-free desserts are even possible, but the truth is that they are, and they’re becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. If you want to try making some of these types of desserts yourself, check out the tips below.


Photo by Sharyn Morrow

The Best Egg Substitutes

Vegan diets don’t use any animal products, including eggs. But how do you bake without eggs? What holds the cake together? What gives your dessert moisture, or a soft and fluffy texture? Thankfully, there are plenty of egg replacers to choose from, some of which are listed below.

Applesauce is a great egg replacer that’s really easy to use. Just 1 egg can be replaced by about 1/3 cup of applesauce.

You can also use one half of a pureed banana per egg in your recipe.

Or you can grind up some flaxseeds as an egg replacer. One tablespoon of ground flaxseeds combined with 3 tablespoons of water gives you the equivalent of one egg.

If you’re out of apples, bananas, and flaxseeds, there’s also a commercially available substitute made by the brand Ener-G. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the box and add it to your recipe for perfect desserts every time.

Gluten-Free Flours

Flour doesn’t always have to come from wheat, and desserts don’t always have to be baked with wheat flour to be deliciously light and fluffy.

Brown rice flour is a great option. It’s naturally healthy because it’s loaded with vitamins and protein, so it packs a nutritional punch in your gluten-free deserts.

Corn flour is another healthy, delicious option. Just be sure to buy organic corn flour so you avoid harmful pesticides and GMOs. Corn flour is a natural choice for corn muffins and cornbread that would normally call for cornmeal and wheat flour combined.

Finally, oat flour is another common wheat flour replacement, as is quinoa flour.

Dairy Replacements

If you’re going to be making vegan desserts and have already ditched the eggs, then you’re going to also want to avoid dairy ingredients.

Butter is easy to avoid by simply replacing it with vegetable shortening or an equivalent measurement of a good quality vegetable oil. Vegan butters are also available.

Finally, milk is another common baking ingredient that you have to work around. Everyone knows about soymilk, but when you’re replacing dairy milk in a dessert recipe, there are options beyond soy. For example, almond milk is a great alternative to dairy milk because it has twice the amount of calcium, as well as a naturally sweet taste. There are also other milks made from various nuts and grains, such as oat, hemp, cashew, and coconut, to name a few. Swap these out for equal measurements of dairy milk for perfect vegan desserts every time.

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