November 10, 2009

My friend and I had a discussion the other day about which kind of chocolate – dark or milk – is better for losing belly fat.  She says it’s a wash because they have about the same number of calories, and if you stick to a small amount your diet is safe.  I told her it’s dark, it has so many nutrients and it can help whittle the waistline.  So we did a little research on how to lose belly fat.

Turned out I was right.  There is evidence that the body responds differently to the calories in dark versus milk chocolate.  The latter contains more sugar so it’s more likely to trigger cravings and be stored as fat.  Dark chocolate on the other hand, contains less sugar and is more satiating.  Studies showed that enjoying 3.5 oz. of dark chocolate reduces cravings.  The credit goes to the monounsaturated fatty acids in dark (but not in milk) chocolate.

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One response to “Which is better for belly fat?”

  1. The skinniest I have ever been in my entire lifes is when I ate the most dark chocolate.

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