July 16, 2011
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Ever since she was young, my niece has always been a fashionista.  She loved beautiful clothes and was always in style.  She also loved to draw and design clothes so it wasn’t surprising when she told her mom that she would like to pursue a career in fashion design.  When she said that, her mom wasn’t expecting that she meant Antwerp Fashion.  We thought she’d just be interested in studying here.  That became an issue in their family because although my niece has grown up, she is still like a baby.  Her parents are worried that she might have a difficult time living alone in Europe.  Who would cook Paella Negra for her?  That’s her favorite food in valencia and her mom loves to cook it for her.

The two finally gave up when my niece insisted that she is really interested in fashion Antwerp.  It’s a bout time they let her go.  She is a good child and knows how to handle herself.  She’ll manage in Antwerp, I know.  She and her parents are flying to Flanders in a couple of weeks to look for an apartment.  She is already enrolled in a fashion school there and her classes will start in three weeks.

I’ve heard a lot about Antwerp, the multi-cultural city.  A lot of different nationalities live there.  My niece will have a great time living and studying there.


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