August 21, 2013
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Ever wonder  what a sous chef does? Well, first let me tell you what a sous chef (pronounced sue shef) is. This chef is the person who ranks second after the head chef in a kitchen. If you’re watching The Iron Chef on Food Network, the persons working with the Iron Chef are all sous chefs.


The second in command in the kitchen, the sous chef has little authority but does everything to back the chef. Yes, it’s tough to be the second boss in the kitchen because you do all the works and you take all the blame if things didn’t turn out great. He or she is also expected to do everything in a pinch.

And now to answer your question, a sous chef does not merely prepare and cook the food. He or she must know the different cooking styles and techniques and must be familiar with the different cuisines (i.e. Italian, French, Mediterranean and Fusion cooking. A sous chef should also make sure the food they serve is of top quality and the kitchen staff is working in harmony. He or she also helps with menu planning, pricing, managing supplies and inventory.

A sous chef does a lot of work but this is his stepping stone to become a chef.

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