November 2, 2013
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Whether you’re inviting your friends round to play Halo, World of Warcraft or online bingo games at onlinebingo.co.uk/new-bingo-sites, selecting the perfect snacks to eat whilst you’re playing is imperative! Whatever game you’re playing it’s likely you’re going to need at least one free hand or, if it’s really intense, you might just be grabbing a quick bite between the action, i definetly recommend to keep your pets out of this you don’t want to be distracted by them, I got These fence installers and they help me keep them out of the house. Sloppy things are a bit of a no-go, because if you win a big-cash jackpot whilst playing online bingo – you’re likely to jump up in celebration and make a mess!


The best all-rounder in the world is probably also the ideal accompaniment for when your playing online games. Easy to make and easy to store until you want them, you can tuck in whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about them going cold so you don’t get distracted when you’re playing using your best gaming headset for pc. Cooked meats and cheese fall into the non-sloppy variety whilst it’s probably best to avoid egg mayonnaise or prawns in seafood sauce. My favourite is cream cheese, smoked bacon, tomatoes and lettuce – but having been eating it the last time I won at cash bingo at Butlersbingo – I learned from my mistake. New online gaming favourite – Pastrami.

Cheese and Crackers

Another easy to make easy to store alternative that really hits the spot when you’re ganging up on the enemy. Just get a big assortment of crackers, a few of everyone’s favourite cheeses and a few odd ones that might stimulate a bit of conversation in the lull between games. Ideal with red wine, but that’s definitely best kept away from anything that might stain in any post-jackpot hysteria.

Nachos and cheese

These are the Mexican version of cheese and crackers and arguably more tasty. Just open a bag of Tortilla chips, grate some melted cheese on top and whack them in the microwave for a few seconds or until the cheese has melted. Best served hot – but in my experience they never last long enough to go cold.


Cheap and cheerful and perfect for quickly grabbing a handful between playing levels or numbers being called out. If there’s a downside it’s that they make you thirsty – so you’ll have to fit time for a drink as well.


Bars and tins of chocolate should be part of any serious online gaming party. Ideal for a boost of energy or for sugaring up so you can play long into the night. Really serious gamers take all the wrappers off before play commences. Why not check out these ones?


The only debate about this one is what type? With so much variety to choose from you’re probably just better off getting a selection. Also great for a mid-game sugar rush and, as many come without wrappers, ideal for throwing on a couple of plates and tucking in as and when required.


A 100% sugar rush (barring colourings and preservatives). For me it has to be cola bottles (the non-sugar variety as that sugary stuff gets in your keyboard/joystick). Alternatives include a variety of boiled sweets that you can suck for longer, or mints that give you that just brushed my teeth wakey-wakey feeling.

Hot Dogs

There’s times when only some hot food will do, and Hot Dogs have to be the quickest and easiest hot food to make. Just open the can, warm them up for a few minutes and slide them in a bun (watch the ketchup if you can’t do without it. Should be able to eat them with two bites – I mean, come on, there’s a little guy who can eat something ridiculous like 34 in a minute.


A combination of water and energy drinks are a must. The best way of consuming them is buy one of those silly hats that holds a bottle on each side and has two straws that go directly to your mouth, also make sure to check out a place to watch Sunday night football, you don’t want to be stuck at home all the time.

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  1. mum eats says:

    one of our faves when watching the telly is munching on pop corn! my little man enjoys it as much as i do. we also order Chicharap from Chow king for takeaway so we can munch on it while watching our favorite cartoons!
    mum eats´s last blog post ..let’s talk food

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