March 12, 2011
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Movie posters are a form of advertisement. They advertize the movies to the intended audience. The function of a poster is to convey to the general audience, the concept of the movie. However, at the same time keep the artists also strive to keep it creative and interesting enough to garner interest. In the earlier days, movie posters were made by renowned artists. Some of these artists used to paint only movie posters. As a result, many of the movie posters are considered pieces of art even today. Some posters on the other hand have attained cult status due to various other reasons. Collecting movie posters is soon becoming a fashionable hobby.

Movie posters are of different types. They are classified mainly depending on their size, genre, country of origin and the material from which they are made. Depending on their size they are classified as six-sheets, one-sheets, half sheets, inserts etc. The posters in the earlier days are quite different from the ones now. The noticeable differences are in the type of paper used; earlier they used to use matte-finished whereas nowadays they are glossy. Similarly, earlier the poster used to be one-sided whereas nowadays they are two sided.

Vintage posters may or may not be original. Earlier moves were released and screened for a few weeks and then withdrawn from theaters. If the movies were hits, then they would be released a few years later. The posters for both the screenings would be different. Just like any other collectible, the cost of the poster varies with desirability and its status.

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