December 2, 2015
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This DRESS is definitely a must for that fancy “aye aye captain” look which will go perfect with that themed party you would be attending to. I love how the stripes, though minimal, adds justice to this dress which makes it very cute and girly.

White Chiffon Lace Dress
White Chiffon Lace Dress
White Chiffon Lace Dress

The sleeves of this dress is fluttered outward to create a flattering and pretty detail to the top part of this dress with the lace paneling. The a-line bottom of the dress produces a subtle bubbly but still modest style to the overall look of the dress. It’s made of chiffon which is very airy and lightweight ? adds an extra effortless look to the dress. It is in a beautiful shade of White with two black stripes at the bottom; available in the sizes S M L XL.

I admire how this dress is priced at a very low cost of PHP1134 (79% Off) from PHP5318 which gives me additional savings of PHP4134, perfect for buying accessories for an even more beautiful ensemble.

Place your order and pay through PayPal, a 100% safe transaction worldwide and you’ll receive your order right at your footstep in just a matter of 3-5 days through Express Shipping! Not only is the process so easy, but it’s also very convenient. But that’s not all! You can get additional discounts just by subscribing to the shop which means getting even bigger savings!

Save yourself the effort of going to the mall to buy beautiful dresses because we have it right here; save time and most especially save money by ordering through our website with this LINK.


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