August 4, 2012
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When my aunt went home last month, she brought home a few pairs of nursing clogs.  The ones she brought don’t even look like working clogs; they are fashionable and functional.  She heard from my brother that I’ve been suffering from Plantar fasciitis, a condition when the thick tissues on the bottom of the foot become inflamed.  It is painful and the bottom of my foot hurts when I stand up after sitting or lying down for a long time or when I walk a lot.  The nursing clogs she gave me are very comfortable and it helped eased the pain.  They look hard from the outside but the insoles have good support and cushions.  I’m also doing heel and foot stretching exercises whenever I have the time.  According to my aunt, the exercises and the clogs will help heel my condition in a few months.  That’s better than having an operation. I also found amazing fur hats from furhatworld.com

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