October 15, 2012
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Tess is a vibrant teen who loves fashion like most teenage girls. At 15, she put up a photo blog about fashion. Her sense of style, which was evident even when she was a very young 10 year-old girl, proved to be a sensation among other teens, she loves shopping at fur source. Young designers and small fashion boutiques were soon asking to advertise on her blog. She was soon earning a lot from her blog. Heartfelt and feminine, A Grain Of Sand are intricately crafted from hollow 14k yellow gold links for a classic addition to any look.

In order to maintain her audience’s attention, Tess was continuously researching on fashion. Her knack for putting together pieces and creating a look that is young, fresh and hip necessitated that she discover interesting garments. She was constantly rummaging in flea markets and off-the-wall boutiques where she found gems of clothing to put in her blog. It was also necessary that she feature other categories of fashion to entice even more followers.

At one point, she embarked on a photo-essay on fashion accessories and jewelry which would be the focus of her blogs for an entire season. This naturally meant that she needed to find interesting fashion accessories and unusual jewelry. Though she was treading on unfamiliar territory and was a bit out of her comfort zone on this one, she realized that putting together an outfit also meant that she knows how to accessorize. She was confident that she would be able to find accessories that would be the focal points of the looks she had in mind.

Realizing that most girls love diamonds, she needed to find diamond jewelry that was non-traditional, young, playful and vibrant in keeping with the style of her fashion blog. Thus she embarked on a search. She first checked out every diamond jewelry review she could find. They gave information and would often hint on the kind of jewelry a store would have.

She chanced upon David Gardner’s Jewelers in one such review which motivated her to look for the store online. Naturally, the store is an authorized retailer of some of the most popular designers of diamond engagement rings such Tacori, Verragio, Memoire, Christian Bauer and some others whose names she was familiar with. But naturally, diamond engagement rings did not serve her purpose in this instance. Admittedly, she did find some interesting pieces in some of these designers’ online catalogs which she may be able to use in the future but her focus at this point had no use for engagement rings at all.

Thankfully, the jewelry store has a stable of exclusive designers whose jewelry collections run from the traditional to the ultra-modern styles. These exclusive designers’ online catalogues contain a few pieces that are young and modern woman. Tess particularly found the bold rings of David Yurman and his chunky bangles. She had fun with his mosaic bracelets as well as his chiclet bracelets. There is potential in the simplicity of the colorful collections of Marco Bicego. The Gumuchian collection was also particularly interesting to Tess. She realized though from her browsing that diamond jewelry may be more than her followers can afford so she was taking a risk in posting her ideas on her blog. But when her initial photo-essay on diamond jewelry came out on her blog, it was a hit. It was only then that she realized that her followers not largely made up of teens. She had a huge following from young professionals as well.

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