August 20, 2011
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If you’re like me who likes to be always different, then you might be interested in my latest find… personal checks.  Oh no, these are not the plain and boring personal checks that you get from the bank.  I’m talking about personalized photo checks where you can have your family, your pets, your business logo, or a photo of your favorite vacation spot on your check.  Not just a small photo but your favorite photo printed across the entire check.  It’s just so cool, isn’t it?

I had fun customizing my own check.  I simply uploaded the photo of the twins then they faded the photo to meet the bank standards and it turned out really awesome.  I can upload as much as 24 photos that can be rotated in one checkbook but I only used one photo.  Only the first photo is free, there is an additional charge for each photo you upload and it’s just too much for me.  According to the website,  my check order will take about a couple of weeks including shipping.  I can’t wait to see my checks and I’m too excited to start with it.  Go ahead click the links and start having fun with yours.

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