June 20, 2010
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When you are short on cash and an emergency arises, what do you do? Would you consider borrowing from your friends or family? What if they do not have extra cash to lend you?  Save yourself from shame of borrowing money from your friends and family. Pacific Advance is here to help you. This website will help you bridge your cash needs between paydays without credit investigations. It is a short-term cash loan where you can borrow $100 to $2500 in as little as 24 hours. There is no need to submit or fax any documents like statement of account and certificate of employment. Application is processed online and you get results in minutes. As soon as the lender gives you approval on your payday loans you can sit back, relax and expect the money in your bank account the next banking day.

Remember, the next time there is an emergency, Pacific Advance can give you the money you need in 24 hours.

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