October 15, 2013
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Bonner Dytoc never forgot his love for ice cream. Who would have known that sometime in the future, his love for it would reach a new level. Back in mid 2000, Bonner’s wife, Irene, bought a Kitchen Aid mixer. It came with an attachment that converted it to an ice cream maker. That attachment became a family thing and he would make ice cream for his kids. The love turned to passion and gave him an idea. In 2011, Bonner decide he would enter the ice cream business. He experimented with different ingredients and developed many flavorful combinations. This was how Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream was born. To date, he supplies several establishments and is planning to put up kiosks to sell his ice cream to the public.


It took several attempts to find the right match for each ingredient. He already has 18 different flavors and I have tasted most of them. Each one had its own personality and you can easily distinguish the individual ingredient and their wonderful match up. You would definitely be surprised that even flowers would taste great as an ice cream. I have tried the Sampaguita ice cream before but the flavor was just too strong for me. Bonner’s Nuts and Roses was perfect. The pistachio nuts blended well with the rose. It was a perfect match and so far, that is my favorite aside from the Basil, of course. You can tell there is a rose in that ice cream but it did not overpower the nutty taste of pistachio.

jack frost 1

You see those three flavors there? Those are his best sellers. Who would have thought basil could taste so good in ice cream? and bacon too? Yup, you read it right. That Morning Rush you see above is made of coffee and candied bacon. So who says you can’t have a cold breakfast? Definitely not me! There is another perfect match that is not in the photo; the Orange Rosemary.

orange rosemary

It’s a delightful melange of citrus and aromatic flavors. I love anything citrusy but orange is my least favorite, but here, I loved the burst of orange and it blended perfectly with the rosemary.

It’s very rare to taste a one-of-a-kind ice cream. Nothing beats passion and it is a recipe for success. He has stopped at 15, but he is currently developing more flavors. I have tried his latest experiment which he calls Cherry Jubilee. Not sure why he called him that but the berries I found in the ice cream are actually strawberries and there is brandy in that ice cream. It was good but the brandy is a tad strong. It won’t be out in the market yet because he is still perfecting that concoction. Below is the list of all the flavors of Jack Frost.

Premium Flavors

Super Premium Flavors

I assure you that once you’ve tasted Jack Frost, you’ll keep coming back for more.  Here’s how to order…

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