June 25, 2015
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As the good weather arrives, you know that you and your family will be on the go. You’ll be making the rounds to barbecues and parties. It’s time to hit the beach and go on picnics. When you’re at home, it will be too hot to cook anything involved. Don’t sacrifice wise, healthy choices for convenience. You can prepare and make sure everyone eats well over the summer. You’ll look good and feel even better when you pay attention to what you eat.

Hit the Produce Aisle
You need plenty of fresh produce in your diet. You should be getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You’ll find the best selections during the warm months. Don’t pass up your chance to have a variety of types of produce at the ready in your refrigerator. Always have a bowl of fruit out on the counter that is easy for your family to grab for a snack. Prepare baggies or containers of fresh vegetables to give everyone another option. When it’s available, your family will eat the right kind of food.

Bring a Healthy Dish to the Party
When you are invited to a gathering, be sure to bring something that is good for you as an offering. You can still sample other foods at the party, but remember to use moderation. Include your dish, drink plenty of water, and avoid loading too much food on your plate. Try small samples of each food you would like to try and only take one trip to the food table. You will be happy when you set limits for yourself.

Think Outside the Box for Dessert
Dessert does not have to add up to an overload of calories. Think about alternatives that taste great and are good for you at the same time. Fresh fruit with low fat whip cream is always a hit. Smoothies are another refreshing option. You can also go with frozen yogurt. Turn to Gelato Products when you are looking for frozen yogurt supplies, especially when you are planning a large gathering at your home. Make sure you offer plenty of cold drinks to keep everyone cool. When you have a broad selection of sweet treats that are healthy, you’ll leave your guests satisfied. Everyone will head home with a smile on their face and good memories of all the great food that made your gathering complete.

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