October 11, 2011
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Cousin Elaine was a very bright student, too bright that she graduated from her course (BS Nursing) with flying colors.  She was the Magna Cum Laude of their batch.  When my cousin Elaine moved to New Hampshire a couple of years back, it was her first time to live by herself. Back here, she was spoiled by her mama.  She only needs to ask her mama what she would like to eat and my aunt will lovingly cook it for her. No wonder Aunt Nancy was really worried about her when she was accepted at a hospital in New Hampshire. Elaine doesn’t know how to cook; she only loves to eat, lol.  Actually, she doesn’t know any household chores and it was hard to imagine how she would survive living on her own.

For quite some time, Cousin Elaine survived on ready-to-eat meals that she would buy from convenient stores.  She also thrived on stale bread.  Elaine usually comes home too tired from working in the hospital that she barely had the time to prepare her food.  Besides, she really didn’t know how to cook.
But that was until she discovered takeaway Manchester and Leeds takeaway.  Since then, Cousin Elaine had been eating decent meals.  She simply had to dial the number on her phone and choose from among the different member restaurants.  Sometimes she would have kebabs, pasta or pizza.  Chinese takeaways are her favorite.  Aunt Nancy can cook yummy Chinese dishes; now she doesn’t miss them so much that she can easily have Chinese food.

When my aunt learned about this, she was relieved.  Although she’s not easily sold with the idea, she is relieved that Cousin Elaine is eating decent meals.  She and my uncle will be visiting her next year.  For sure, Cousin Elaine will be pampered once again with my aunt’s great cooking.  Watch your waistline cousin!

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