July 28, 2011
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My kids have developed a liking to Spanish cuisine that they are always requesting for it every time we dine out.  They like it so much that for the past two months, we’ve already tried several valencia restaurants.  Paella Negra and Gambas al Ajillo are two of their favorites.  It used to be burger, fries and spaghetti but I guess they are past that age and they now like to try something different.

My husband and I like to introduce them to different cuisines and they also like Japanese, Korean, Italian and Thai dishes.  If you frequent this blog then you will notice that  the recipes I feature here are mostly Japanese, Korean and Italian.   They don’t like Chinese food so much because according to them, it’s too oily.  We’re thinking of introducing food in vienna next.  There’s a new restaurant nearby that’s soon to open and according to their ad, they have the best Apfelstrudel.  Can’t wait to try it.

By the way, if you’re interested in Valencia Fashion, you may want to try and click on the link.  I chanced upon this website while I was looking for a Paella Negra recipe.  The site offers the latest creations from their top designers.  I’m not a fashionista but I can’t help but admire their beautiful and elegant designs.  I’m definitely making this my motivation to get serious in shedding off the pounds.

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