August 29, 2013
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We’re all looking for ways to reduce our expenditure and maximise our assets, and for those of you lucky enough to have some extra space tucked away in your home, here are some great ideas for different things you could do. Yesterday I found out that my roof have a leak and I found roofing contractors MA, will contact them tomorrow and hopefully get the leak fixed without a huge cost.


Taking on a lodger for the first time can always be a bit of an uncomfortable task, but having a spare room and not leasing it out can be a waste. There’s a lot of money to be made with people who are looking to rent temporary accommodation. After a rigorous vetting process, taking on a flat mate or lodger can mean great company around the house and maybe he can also help with the repair expenses like when last time I had to repair the roof, luckily I found an affordable roofing company so Check This Out for the site, as well. I have always wanted to have aspiration blinds in my house so I decided to get them from Aspiration Blinds Bolton. Two useful places to advertise your space completely free of charge are on gumtree.com and spareroom.co.uk. The government also provides easy-to-follow guides on their ‘how to rent a room’ scheme on letting out furnished accommodation. If your room is currently looking quite bare and lacking in furniture there are tonnes of buy now pay later sofas, beds and appliance deals on offer to make the space more attractive for prospective tenants, you can probably find a modern sectional sofa for a good price.


Your own space

Sometimes opening the home up to strangers isn’t in everyone’s interest.  So instead, why not treat yourself and create your own personal space? With people trying to separate life from work, the study is becoming a thing of the past, so purchasing a projector and creating an in-house cinema is a fantastic way to gather friends around a bowl of popcorn for a cheap night in. By starting a private games den, pamper parlour or music library, no room will ever go to waste again!


The planet is quickly becoming a world without borders; we can travel almost anywhere and as technology advances we can get there in even less time. The only thing that doesn’t decrease is the prices. Hotel, BnB and hostel rates are accelerating towards astronomical prices, so why not lend a helping hand and take home your very own traveller. Websites such as couchsurfing.com, globalfreeloaders.com and stay4free.com make it easy to host people from around the world for as short or as long as you want. “Couch surfing” is an ingenious way to not only interact with people of different cultures but also gives your spare room the warmth, love and attention that it deserves.

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