April 3, 2010
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If you’re thinking of growing a garden, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want to grow. You could be growing trees, flowers, herbs or vegetables. No matter what type of garden you decide to grow, it is important that you read on some of ralcolandscapes.com techniques especially if you’re starting to build a garden from scratch, you can even hire a company like the Marrazzo Landscaping company so that you get extra help.  I am not an expert because I, myself don’t have a garden but they say, a raised bed is easier to maintain with my tools and I found out where the best place to get gardening hose for my garden.

A beautiful garden is what I have always dreamed of but right now it is quite impossible.  It makes me drool whenever I browse through garden landscaping websites. When you need efficient and budget furniture removals for home and office, visit andy the guy for more information. We live in a building so potted plants are all I have, but I am not giving up on that dream.  Someday, I pray that I will have that beautiful garden, for those who right now have the possibility of having one I recommend to check this website where you will find the best landscaping services to help you get the garden of your dreams.  My personal eden where there will be lots of pretty blooms, some fruit-bearing trees, a pond perhaps, and a space for some herbs and vegetables.  But with all these, I’m not even sure if raised beds would work.  Anyway, I’m not really worried because as soon as I’m ready to start with my personal eden, all I need is to go back on this website for help.

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2 responses to “My Dream Garden”

  1. raft3r says:

    my mom would love this
    ipapakita ko ito sa kanya

    thanks, liz!

  2. Emi says:

    Keep your goal and work towards it! I too have dreamed of having my own garden- when finally moved out of apt- it took 3 truckloads of plants and 1 truckload of furniture, lol. The first place we moved into was a small house with decent size junkyard. We cleaned out the trash, leveled the lot ( need to plan on drainage paths for when it rains, very important. Next make a list of what features are important to you- we planted fruit trees along the fence, put in vegetable beds, a lawn, a barbecue isle with a wok lol, and of course a storage shed, and a dog run. First all kinds of birds became attracted b/c of birdbath and source of food- blue jays, mockingbirds, song birds, even 4 parakeets, 1 cockatiel, 1 parrot, and 1 african love bird, and zebra finches, The african love bird hung around and followed us into the house and would sleep on our first baby’s tummy, and hang out on the crib. Next came the pacific tree frogs, attracted to the moisture and plenty of hiding places. Next cotton tail bunnies moved in after visiting for awhile, and made a warren by our peach tree. They liked the lawn and strawberry patch. They had babies, and they got use to me walking by them in the evening- it took awhile. Next white ring neck squirrels moved in and had babies, and it was hilarious watching them chase and roll and play. The squirrels liked the apple, plums and peaches. Luckily I planted an almond and fig tree in the dogrun. Then a larger spotted squirrel moved in- we had to trap it and release- it did the most damage to our fruits. They would eat a ring around the middle of all the fruit, just like in the cartoons. Our last visitor was a young rattle snake which we promptly dispatched. By then our own family grew to 5, and we have moved- and are currently starting the process all over. Keep up the dream, and save, save and save. Find out what houses are going for and how much down payment you will need. The older modest homes but with nice size yards are cheaper than newer homes, thank goodness. Clean up the yard, relevel to your needs, add as much organic material. local arborists might give you free mulch- we got all of ours free, delivery and all, after we found out with the second home. Then ammend what you have. you need to know the requirements of each tree you plant. What PH, what balance of fertilizer they like- for example- my husband put fertilizer on avocado tree- it burned bad. But the apple, pears, plums etc enjoyed it. Check chill requirements, or how much cold can it tolerate. The sun rises in the east, and goes down in the west- before you buy a house, it is good to know what direction your yard is facing. The other place our house shaded part of the yard from noon to evening- not good for sun loving plants. Now we have a place that the sun from morning to evening energizes our plants, and I put the shade loving in the front. Our yard goes from south to north, so the house doesn’t shade the garden, and the dog run is placed where the next door neighbor’s house is shading it for the hottest part of the day. Good luck with your dream, just wanted to let you know not to make the same mistakes we did!

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