January 19, 2010
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It’s nice to see your kids try to earn their own money.  Actually, I’m glad  (haha) because now that my daughter is earning a little from her  internet writing jobs, she doesn’t ask money from me or her dad anymore whenever she wants to buy something.  After saving up her income for several months, she recently purchased an Apple Ipod Touch.

What I really can’t understand is, what’s with these Mp3 Players that kids always dream of having the latest? Is it because new models don’t just play music?  I heard they are games consoles and portable video players at the same time.  Hay, kids.

On her last birthday, she asked her uncle for an Ipod Nano Video.  Now that she has the Ipod Touch, she handed down the Nano video to her brother.  That leaves the old black Nano that he’s been using to me, which I gladly accepted.  *Wink, wink.  At least I now have my own MP3 player without spending a dime.  They probably got tired of hearing my CDs every time I’m working out. They even offered to upload my songs there.  LOL.

Now I wonder how long she’s going to hold on to that Apple Ipod Touch, but I’m crossing my fingers.  I don’t want her to spend her future earnings for a new gadget anytime soon.

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