February 18, 2012
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I love to give gifts that match. Since I’m very much into cooking and food, I usually give away food with matching beverages. I’ve grown to love wine through the years. I try as much as possible to serve wine that goes well with the dish I prepared. I do experiment and try to discover new pairings of wine and food. There are however wines whose taste are exclusive to certain foods.

It has been my habit to give gifts as seasons change. This year, I’m giving my friends Wine Baskets. I’d like to share with them my passion for wining and dining. These baskets have wines and ingredients if a dish that goes well with them. It makes for a wonderful gastronomic experience. There are also some baskets that have a paired wine and cheese or wine and fruit. There’s even a wine that goes well with chocolates.

You’ll be surprised of how some wines really makes dining a great experience. I used to think that red wine is exclusively for red meat or white wine is exclusively for white meat. I did not know that it really depends on the taste and texture of the wine that complements a dish. I’m very sure my friends are going to love what I’m giving away this year.

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